Sosiya Campus

Principal's Greeting...

Dear Students and Parents,

To be a part of this creation is a privilege and rarely do students have an opportunity to be both part of the creation and a beneficiary of an educational system. I know from my own experience as a student in a brand new primary school that it can be one of the most enriching and long lasting learning experiences one can have.

"Our motto" :All should aim at greatness but greatness should not be achieved by any means .It should be realized only through goodness namely good, just and legal activities. All the students should be aware, if whatever we do is not good ,it can never be called great Goodness should precede every action .

"Our aims and objectives to built up school" :To prepare men for others is our aim. The school spends its time, money, energy, etc, to mould, culturally, physically, socially and psychologically in order to serve others, the society, the country at large and not themselves. They will find happiness and joy in the service of their fellowmen. To prepare the student on religion ideals.

Classes are conducted on moral principle and conduct for improving skill and personality, so as to empower� the values of simplicity, dignity of labour, forgiveness, tolerance and generosity in the students.

The school expresses good wishes for your bright future.

- Principal

About Sosiya Campus

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Sosiya is managed by Satsang Siksha Parishad (Ghandhinagar), a well known educational trust which carries out activities throughout Gujarat.

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Sosiya is a primary school which carries out education in the village of Sosiya of Talaja Taluka. The school is located near a beautiful seashore providing an atmosphere for the students to study.

The school provides the under privileged students all the facilities necessary for education. Visiting faculties are also regularly invited for imparting new concepts to the students.

School also arranges various activities like : Sport Activity, Cultural Activity, Annual Day, Religious as well as social activities .....

�We build on children�s strengths and celebrate their achievements, helping children recognize their accomplishments and experience the joy of learning�

- Swami Keshavprakash (K.P. SWAMI)