Outdoor Games...

At Swaminarayan Gurukul we aim for perfection in competitive sport as along with education. Team sports are played on an inter-class basis, inter-city and against other schools. We model ourselves on those outstanding sporting stars who are also girls and boys. The faculty includes professional coaches for all sports and we set out to defeat the opposition with skill and good humor. Players or participants will be encouraged to be on time, to dress appropriately and tidily, to greet opponents in a friendly manner before a competition and thank both them and the umpire/referee afterwards, to play in a team spirit to the best of their ability, to encourage team mates, and to win and lose in a civilized manner.

Moreover sports days are held annually to develop sportsmanship in students. Students from all grades participate in various games.

In our campus the student who aspires to compete at national level and the student who simply enjoys participating both receive appropriate support.

Sporting facilities include:

  • Two cricket ground and a net practice court.
  • Two volleyball court  ground.
  • One basketball court.
  • Skating track.
  • We have two couches for training the student, available for 24-hours.

“Students active outside the classroom do better inside the classroom”

- Swami Keshavprakash (K.P. SWAMI)