Learning Styles...

According to thought of TS Eliot asked "Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?" A key skill in an age when we are constantly bombarded with information and pseudo-information is the ability to shift the evidence and come to our own conclusions. Approach of The Swaminarayan Gurukul is to encourage the development of skill, not just because the fundamental curricula demand it but because survival depends upon it.

This statement encapsulates one of our major objectives.

  • Swaminarayan Gurukul teacher: student ratio is 1:35.
  • Swaminarayan Gurukul treats each student as an individual.
  • Swaminarayan Gurukul believes in 'Education without Burden'.
  • Swaminarayan Gurukul's methodology is interactive, intellectual and behavioral.
  • Swaminarayan Gurukul students learn by doing and implementing the knowledge practically. So he/she can get experience by projecting this to life.
  • Swaminarayan Gurukul students learn to think, think to change, change to implement in life and implement to change the world.
  • Swaminarayan Gurukul campus provides facilities like Student Centered Learning , Multiple Intelligences Theory, Project Based Learning, Learning to Learn, Anywhere-Anytime Learning.
  • In Swaminarayan Gurukul, instead of annual assessment we are having weekly assessment and no Examination System up to 5th standard

“We do not see design as a discipline, but as a way of life. We hope we can teach our students to have confidence in a methodology of how to innovate routinely.”

- Swami Keshavprakash (K.P. SWAMI)