Music and Dance...

The general music program will develop the students’ understanding and the relationship of music to other disciplines and cultures as well as history. Content standards include:

  • Singing
  • Performing on a variety of instruments
  • Improvising melodies
  • Composing and arranging
  • Reading and notating music
  • Listening, analyzing, and describing music
  • Evaluating music and musical performances

Motivating students for Music and Dance

This is the time frame when dance and music are having real impact on culture. And to motivate young talents , we had organized a dance performance by Padma Shree Astad Deboo, who is also the winner of Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. His performance was very inspiring for the students. The students were amazed to see the delicacy and Asdtad Deboo’s mastery over contemporary and Kathak.

We sing Hindu Songs

We are teaching Hindu Bhajan & Kirtan and prayers are all contained in all Hindu traditional songs, classical songs and poems, as well as a 200 pages illustrated book with complete lyrics.

Classical Music CDs-Set

We are having classical music CDs set, which comes to life for your child through a narrated life history of the composer interspersed with selections of his music. This helps your child associate the composer with his most famous pieces. In addition we add a music-only CD for each composer that you can play at bedtime, at mealtime, while painting, etc.

Introduction to the Orchestra

There  is musical  instruments lab, with help of that lab we can introduce your children to the names and sounds of instruments in the orchestra.  Our package includes a CD with Peter and the Wolf as well as two other orchestral children's classics: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra  and The Carnival of the Animals. We add an informative Musical Instruments coloring book so that your child may also learn the look of each instrument.

“Students active outside the classroom do better inside the classroom”

- Swami Keshavprakash (K.P. SWAMI)