Hostel and Accomodation...

Comfortable, educational and spiritual atmosphere than any other place:

  • Hostels are ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency.
  • A healthy educational and spiritual� environment yet satisfied to anybody.
  • Full flagged facility of each and every aspects regarding to education and professionalism.
  • Separate natural atmosphere bedrooms.
  • Spacious bedrooms with 7 students sharing.
  • Bathrooms with� 2 showers cool as well as heat water), 2 wash basins and personal wardrobes.
  • On-campus laundry, stationary cum� general stall and canteen.
  • Spacious and comfortable rooms for reading, co-curriculum and extra curriculum activities.
  • General� rooms for� students sharing, with individual internet work stations, LCD audio and video room� and edutainment systems with� digital channels.
  • EPABX telephone, email and videoconferencing links with home.
  • First class on-campus accommodation for visiting parents.

Being an Indian cultured Sankul we are highly pledged to celebrate all the Indian festivals starting from Utrayan and ending up to New year along with the students of all the campuses associated with the Gurukul including the colleges, Schools and boarding. We are having regular seminars on personality development for college students as well as yoga and meditation seminars for all the students from Nursery to Post-graduation.

Fitness and health is another aspect that is given high importance so we are also engaged in sports and athletics. Students of SGS are known for there performance at State and National level and many of them are award winners. We are also joint with the National Cadet Corp (NCC) and our students are trained for all the military services. Life with out sociality is bird with out wings, we are also engaged in activities like Blood Donation, Red cross working groups, Relief activities etc.

�Human beings are of such nature that they should have not only material facilities but spiritual sustenance as well.
Without spiritual sustenance, it is difficult to get and maintain peace of mind.�

- Swami Keshavprakash (K.P. SWAMI)