Cultural Activities...


To expand the knowledge of students on various fields we organize some sort of competitions like...

  • Public speaking & Personality Development
  • Creative writing
  • Cursive writing
  • SHLOKA competition
  • Day celebration (e.g. No TV day)
  • G.K.Test
  • Birthday Celebration


The general music program will develop the students� understanding and the relationship of music to other disciplines and cultures as well as history. Content standards include...

  • Singing
  • Performing on a variety of instruments
  • Improvising melodies
  • Composing and arranging
  • Reading and notating music
  • Listening, analyzing, and describing music
  • Evaluating music and musical performances


In terms of self-expression, self-awareness and interpersonal skills, the arts are central to the school's holistic ideals. Music and dance provide the lifeblood for the health and vitality of the whole community. Students learn to play a wide variety of Indian and western instruments and have the opportunity to appear for the British Associated Board and other certification examinations. A range of choral, instrumental and dance ensembles caters for various levels of experience. The Campus will also host professional performers and organize visits to concerts and other performances. We are Celebrating different Festivals with student's parents.

�Students active outside the classroom do better inside the classroom�

- Swami Keshavprakash (K.P. SWAMI)