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The Origin of the Name " Gurukul "....

Gurukula means the place of the teacher. Literally, guru means teacher, and kula means family. So gurukula means more than just a school, but the place where the student comes to be a part of the family of the guru for some time - and learn the culture and etiquette of the Vedas, as well as the knowledge.

In the Vedic educational system, the focus is always on progressive life, ultimately leading to service and surrender to the Supreme Lord. There are many gurus in ones life, beginning from the mother, then father, then teachers, and finally the spiritual master. So the system of gurukula is very deep and significant in the life of a devotee, and is one of the stages in accepting the authority of the spiritual master. For this reason it is very important that there is a seamless transition between family and school and back again.

If the student feels that the teacher and the parent are both to be respected and honoured, and if they feel that the teachers and the parents are "on the same page" about their education, then their conception of guru and spiritual authority becomes very healthy and natural, and they are easily able to understand the importance of accepting a spiritual master, and making tangible progress on the path back to Godhead.


  “One child, One teacher,

         One pen and One Book

               Can Change the world”

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